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Did you know sports has a big relationship with our body and we wont be able to perform well in sports if we have some problem in our body...That is why physical fitness is really very important for sportspersons..Spine and sports medicine deals with these things..The doctors are specialists in this field and they have lot of experience to help you get cured..Some of the services that they offer are pain theraphy, injuries in the back and neck..They are unique and offer a lot of treatments to relieve you from the pain immediately and they have an excellent health care team..If you are facing any problems in your body you can fix an appointment by calling them at 212-986-3888 or by fixing an appointment by filling your details in the website..They even offer acupunture treatment, massages, chiropactic treatments and much more..If you have any questions you can get in touch with them...So what are you waiting for get relieved from the pain soon..