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Santa Rosa, New Mexico: The City of Natural Lakes 6:32 PM

Thanks to my friend Eliza Canton for this guest post .

Although New Mexico is a desert state, it doesn't mean it looks like the Sahara desert. It is actually a very beautiful state, full of rich colors of sienna, cinnamon, coffee, maroon, taupe and so much more. As you drive through new mexico you will experience a visual delight as you take in all the natural beauty. One thing that many do not realize is that we have lakes here. In fact, Santa Rosa, New Mexico is called the City of Natural Lakes. Although my family lives in Albuquerque, we go to visit family there every summer, which is about 2 hours away.

During our most recent family adventure to Santa Rosa, we decided to stay there longer than usual. We set our ADT security alarm then headed to the City of Natural Lakes. One of the most beautiful sites there is called the Blue Hole. It is 80 foot deep body of water that is a deep blue, crystal clear color. It is a favorite for scuba divers because of its depth and its clarity. Although I have swam in the chilly Blue Hole in the past, this most recent time I only dipped my feet in. I saved the swimming for our hotel where we swam for hours enjoying our time away from home. We visited our family there and caught up with one another as well.