Bravo TV 6:44 PM

Guest-posted by Amanda Brenner

I watch a huge variety of television shows. Everything from reality shows to cooking shoes. Bravo offers a wide selection of television shows which makes it one of the most popular channels through my satellite tv service in Fort Wayne. There are constantly new television shows being added and the lineup is constantly kept fresh. Some of my favorite shows on Bravo are the Real Housewives shows. I love that there are so many different spin offs of this show out there now. While the shows may have the same overall theme, I love the different spin on each city and the different characters involved.

There are many other shows that I love watching on Bravo. Top Chef is the reason that I started watching this channel. I had never been one to watch cooking shows or other food competitions but this show sucked me and has kept my attention for many seasons. This channel introduces so many great characters and story lines through their shows that many of these people have become topics of conversation outside of Bravo. What started out as a small reality show has become one of the most watched shows within my group of friends.