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Mostly people in United States spend more than 6 hours every day watch their TV. So it is important to have quality TV programming in the house..Today there are many technologies in offering that enhanced picture viewing quality. One among them is DIRECT TV. This is that perfect technology that really defines high definition TV programming.They will change our paradigm in television watching.DIRECT TV offers us a high definition TV or in Standard Digitized Format.DIRECT TV is more than picture and sound.There are many programs and packages in DIRECTV. We will find six program packages and we need only a few minutes to register.The various exciting packages offered newly are 150 plus channels for just $29.99/mo,210 plus channels for 34.99/mo and 225 plus channels for 39.99/mo...There are DIRECTTV Specials Premier Packages with 285 and more channels.The viewers can get to select their package and also have the option of a free upgrade.The price is very cheap if we compare with the service.You can also visit This site has complete information about DIRECT TV Specials for you. .Recently they have introduced an offer which helps u get 50% off for one full year,isn't it amazing then subscribe to DIRECT TV .Hurry up buddies because DIRECTV Specials are a limited period offer.