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Drew Barrymore is simply the best actress in Hollywood and she had become very famouse after a series of movies like Poison Ivy, Charlie's Angels and much more..The star has had a troubled past, and her ex boyfriend is Justin Long but she enjoys being in Bikini..She looks hot and sexy in the beach with a bikini...She has a tattoo near her hip...Here are some pictures for you from the beach vacation..Drew Barrymore had posed without tops also in some movies and it raised criticism..

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Mostly people in United States spend more than 6 hours every day watch their TV. So it is important to have quality TV programming in the house..Today there are many technologies in offering that enhanced picture viewing quality. One among them is DIRECT TV. This is that perfect technology that really defines high definition TV programming.They will change our paradigm in television watching.DIRECT TV offers us a high definition TV or in Standard Digitized Format.DIRECT TV is more than picture and sound.There are many programs and packages in DIRECTV. We will find six program packages and we need only a few minutes to register.The various exciting packages offered newly are 150 plus channels for just $29.99/mo,210 plus channels for 34.99/mo and 225 plus channels for 39.99/mo...There are DIRECTTV Specials Premier Packages with 285 and more channels.The viewers can get to select their package and also have the option of a free upgrade.The price is very cheap if we compare with the service.You can also visit This site has complete information about DIRECT TV Specials for you. .Recently they have introduced an offer which helps u get 50% off for one full year,isn't it amazing then subscribe to DIRECT TV .Hurry up buddies because DIRECTV Specials are a limited period offer.

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Rihanna is one of the best playback singer and a young pop and R&B singer...Her latest album is Rated R and she has been promoting it of lately..She was beaten by Chris Brown her ex boyfriend and it caused huge shock waves..Now she has got a new boyfriend Matt Kemp..Rihanna was seen in bikini in Cabos on a beach vacation..Here are some Rihanna bikini pictures..

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Miley Cyrus is an American pop singer, songwriter and film actress..She shot to fame after the Hannah Montana series...Her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus and she looks cute and sexy..She had been for vacation to Bahamas and she was spotted wearing a cool bikini and sexy lingerie..She looks awesome in those and you must check out those bikini pictures..Here are some of the pictures from the Bahamas beach..

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Ashley Greene is American film and television actress and she looks really awesome and the twlight series made her very famous..But she got involved in some scandals..She was seen naked in those photos and here are some ashley greene scandal pictures..She looks really hot in those pictures..She also has some body paint pictures..Take a look at them..

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Gone are the days when TV is kept as a entertainment media only at homes and from the business point of view things are changing..Nowadays most of the establishments where customers or clients have to wait for sometime before getting their needs satisfied wait patiently..At these points a direct tv can be installed so that waiting will no longer be boring..Business Satellite TV is of great importance and surveys say that they increase the business and many people return back..Hospitals too have this facility...There are a lot of advantages for installing a direct tv at your business premises..Some of the ideal places where they can be installed are bar, casino, lounge, coffee shops, gyms and many more..You can get a quote by filling a simple online form or simply by calling 1-800-595-9981..Opening a DIRECT TV Business Account is quite easy and can be done at the earliest..So what are you waiting for go get a commercial Satellite TV connection now..

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Vanessa Hudgens is an American actress and singer and she moved to hollywood and later gave many hit movies..She is one of the most searched celebrities online..She was seen in a outing with her boyfriend Zac Efron and she was in bikini..Those pictures were really awesome and sexy must check out those pictures..She was sporting a black bikini..

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Here is the latest edition of Playboy Germany February 2010 featuring Simone Thomalla, Miroslav Klose in awesome poses and shots..You can download the free edition here..The other editions of playboy are also listed here...Fernanda Calles Carranza features in Playboy Mexico and Renata Santos in Playboy Brasil...Download..Enjoy the edition..

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The hot indian supermodel Padma Lakshmi has finally given birth to a baby girl in the USA and she has decided to name the baby as Krishna..She is the ex girlfriend of Salman Rushdie, the Top chef award winner, and many more..She had posed nude for the US magazine a few months before she delivered the baby..She looks really hot and sexy as she was also nominated for the Maxim Top 100 sexiest people..The father of her baby is still unknown but sources say it is Adam Dell the younger brother of Michael Dell who owns dell computers..Here are some sexy pictures for you..

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Hey guys are you searching for Jessica Alba bikini pictures...Then click here and check out those cool and sexy pictures of Jessica Alba...She looks really hot and these pictures are taken from her vacation in Cabo San Lucas..She had delivered a baby some months and ago still she is not lost a curve..She really looks sexy in these lingerie pictures..Check out those photos..(sorry guys the pictures are not of so good quality)

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Megan Foxis one of the hottest and the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood...She is really pretty and has been endorsing a lot of brands and posed..The latest such thing was that Megan Fox has posed in lingerie for the greatest brand Armani and she similarly endorsed the Spread Eagle newspaper in a sexy ballerina dress...She looks really sexy in the bikini and they are mind blowing..Here are some pictures for you from the ad..

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Vanity Fair magazine had conducted a survey about the highest paid hollywood actors and Emma Watson the Harry Potter actress topped the list of Hollywood's highest paid actress and she had earned a whopping 20million GBP from the Harry Potter series..The list includes directors in the top spot like Steve Bay, Steven Speilberg and Daniel Radcliffe..Emma Watson really looks lovely and sexy in bikini and bra..She was seen holidaying in Jamaica..Here are some pictures..

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Here is the latest edition of Penthouse USA featuring the sexy actress Heidi Baron nude and in lingerie..Heidi Baron looks stunningly awesome showing her skin..Check out the hot pictures and download the ebook right now...She appears braless and wow..The snapshot of the cover is attached..Download...For more playboy and penthouse downloads check out here